Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Story of My LOVE

Myself here ..
Without the presence of a lover ..
There is only a shadow of the past ..
What haunts me every step ..
Now you come here ..
Accompany my days ..
The days that used to quiet ...
Has now turned into a crowded ..
Winners will be your sweet smile ..
A smile that will color my day ..
In each of my time ...
I remembered you ..
Remembered  your words ..
Remembered  your stories ...
As time goes by ..
You've changed, different ...
Different from you that before ...
I miss you a first ..
Love is full of stories ..
Love is full of smiles ..
Instantly you disappeared ..
Without a word and I do not know where
What happened to you love?
And now you are back ..
You come back to me ..
Back to what you are ..
Being yourself is always missed ..
You are missed during this
  Love U 


        Hay, my name hilmi. I want to tell you about my vacation earlier. Holiday which I thought was fun but also boring. Last holiday that can make me happy, sad, and cry . if you want to know the story on my vacation read story below ..

     First day in my vacation hours ago ... Today is Saturday. I wake up from my sleep. I see it was still dusk. At approximately 4:30 PM .. That day was my parents must enter the office and unable to accompany me and my sister's vacation today. I feel sad because I can not vacation with my parents on that day. Finally I decided to stay home and not go anywhere. Network Internet or rather the internet becomes my entertainment purposes on that day. I opened a web-web and social networks that I usually go and make me happy. For example: www.facebook.com, yahoo.com, twitter.com. And the result I got a lot of new friends both in town and out of town which certainly can entertain me ..

       Third day in my vacation two days ago ... to be continued at home makes me feel bored. Eventually I plan to go with my friends. By relying on a pink bicycle I left. before I ask my parents permission first. I also ride my bike to the house of one of our friends that we had previously planned a gathering place for us before going to the mall. After the gathering we also set out, we are comprised of me, Ella, Maya, and explore Nadia.Kami roam large malls in the city of Madison. Starting from the TJP to MT .... Weuwhhh .... felt tired, although I'm not pedaling but I think I also follow-tired (tired of protest meant.) At that time I brought a pocket money of 20 thousand rupiahs . Wahh ... a bit really, want to buy what I get there? . Surely that money would I want to buy food plus drinks .. YUMMY,, 've get fried rice package ..

       The last day before my vacation .. I invited my parents went to Sarangan, precisely located in CITY MAGETAN, and are at the foot of Mount Lawu. We depart from Madison began at 7:30 AM. In this trip I had the motor broke down and had stopped for a moment. We got there at about 9:10 AM. There are a very beautiful lake. Amid the Telaga Sarangan it propagated an island ngak I also know what the contents inside the island or bias practically still MYSTERIOUS. Some say there is a grave inside a magnifying there, some are saying that there is a dragon guardian spirit lake house etc. We got around the edge of lake by foot. So do not be surprised if we get hungry and eventually we decided to buy 4 servings rabbit satay. YUMMY .. after that I asked my mother for a walk around the stalls around Lake Tourism Object.