Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Story of My LOVE

Myself here ..
Without the presence of a lover ..
There is only a shadow of the past ..
What haunts me every step ..
Now you come here ..
Accompany my days ..
The days that used to quiet ...
Has now turned into a crowded ..
Winners will be your sweet smile ..
A smile that will color my day ..
In each of my time ...
I remembered you ..
Remembered  your words ..
Remembered  your stories ...
As time goes by ..
You've changed, different ...
Different from you that before ...
I miss you a first ..
Love is full of stories ..
Love is full of smiles ..
Instantly you disappeared ..
Without a word and I do not know where
What happened to you love?
And now you are back ..
You come back to me ..
Back to what you are ..
Being yourself is always missed ..
You are missed during this
  Love U 

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